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State Revokes Liquor Permit for Smoking Violations

We thought it might come to this.  A bar in Ohio has had its liquor permit renewal rejected due mainly to it’s failure to pay $55,000.00 in fines associated with smoking ban violations.  Peg’s Pub, in Evandale, recently had its liquor permit renewal denied due to its numerous violations.

Since the inception of the law, Hastie Law Offices has counseled clients  on the effect of repeated smoking violations on a liquor permit.  Under Ohio Law, an Ohio liquor permit renewal may be rejected if “”The applicant has operated its liquor permit business in a manner that demonstrates a disregard for the laws, regulations, or local ordinances of this state.” [See O.R.C. 4303.292(A)(1)(b)].  The smoking ban (your personal feelings on it aside) is law in Ohio and repeated violations can justify the rejection of a permit renewal.  Ignoring the law because you don’t like it is a surefire way to run into serious problems.

For more information on the case click here (NBC4) and here ( 

Call us at Hastie Law Offices if you have any questions or concerns regarding your Ohio Liquor Permit Renewal or if you are cited for violating the smoking ban.

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