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Small Business

Small Business

Hastie Law Offices represents small businesses from formation to wind-up, including the following services:

  • Entity Formation. The firm assists clients with formation of new entities, including limited liability companies, partnerships, and corporations.
  • Transactions/Contracts. Hastie Law Offices drafts a wide variety of contracts and agreements, from asset purchase and sale agreements to joint ventures and strategic alliances. The firm also assists clients with acquisitions and sales of on-going businesses, including franchises.
  • Litigation. Hastie Law Offices assist clients throughout the litigation process, from negotiations and filing a complaint through trial, if necessary. The firm has extensive experience in all levels of Ohio courts, including United States federal district court.

We represent clients from all spectrums of business including: bars and restaurants, tow truck companies, software consultants, construction companies, real estate developers, franchises, vending companies, food producers/importers and movie theaters.  Basically, if you are a small business in Ohio – We can help!

At all times we strive to provide cost-conscious, effective legal representation for small business in Ohio.  If you or your business needs help contact us immediately at (614) 488-2800. As always, the first consultation is free.