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Liquor Permit Objections

Permit renewal time is upon us and you know what that means…. Objection time! Almost everyday The Columbus Dispatch has articles about bars facing closure.

For example, the City of Columbus recently published their “hit list” of liquor permits they are objecting to. Upper Arlington’s struggles with Oynx led to an objection. Permit holders should take such actions by a city EXTREMELY serious. You can (and will) be shut down if you don’t have competent legal help.

Very few attorneys have direct experience defending the hospitality industry against these types of action. We do.

At Hastie Law Offices we have extensive experience in all facets of objection related representation. Call us if you need help negotiating a “good neighbor” agreement to fend off closure or fighting your city in front of the Ohio Division of Liquor Control or Ohio Liquor Commission. You have options, don’t give up.

What can an Ohio Liquor Permit Holder do if they are facing extinction? Call Hastie Law Offices at (614) 488-2800.