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Is My Driver’s License Suspended?

The Ohio BMV’s website now makes it possible to check your Ohio Driving Record online.  This is a great tool for checking how many points you have on your license or if you are under suspension for any reason.  The website also allows you renew your license plates, check license reinstatement requirements, and change your address.

We represent countless clients who forgot to pay a ticket or didn’t respond to a request to verify their insurance (“FRA” suspension).  These charges can have very serious repercussions, from fines and additional suspensions to actual jail time.  Take a quick second to check your license to ensure you aren’t putting yourself at risk.  Also, make sure to update your address with the BMV.

It is important to know how many points you have on license.  In Ohio, a driver may have their license suspended if 12 points are accumulated within a 24 month period.  Remember, the scoring system is tallied based on conviction date, not the date of the offense. Further, your driving record may show offense that no longer “count” against you.

Most driving offenses (speeding, failure to control, etc.) carry two points, while an OVI is 6 points.  Its important to know where you stand and what to do if you are at, or approaching, the 12 point limit.  Check out the full list of offense/points here. If you have a lot of points – you DO have options.  For example, it may be possible to avoid a suspension by taking a remedial course or even get privileges under a 12 – point suspension.  Give us a call if you would like a consultation on your rights.

We are available at (614) 488-2800 if you need help restoring your Ohio Drivers’ License or defending you against charges stemming from a suspended license.  We also handle “12-point” license appeals and applications for driving privileges.