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Is it Illegal to Text While Driving?

The Columbus City Council made it a minor misdemeanor to text while driving.  Check out the interview of Councilman Ginther here.  It is considered a “primary offense”, meaning an officer could pull you over just for observing you doing it.  This is unlike a seat belt violation (for example) where you can only be charged if your the officer observes breaking another traffic law.  A minor misdemeanor is not a “jailable” offense but can lead to a $150 fine. Such a conviction would most likely lead to higher insurance rates for the driver.

Hastie Law Offices agrees that texting while driving is dangerous for many reasons.  Texting while driving requires a driver to take their hands off the wheel and their eyes off the road.  We have seen cases where the police charge a driver for reckless operation of a motor vehichle for texting.  This is a very serious charge and can be accompanied by jail time and a substantial fine.  A change in the law still leaves the officer with the option of citing a driver for ROMV.  Don’t be stupid, don’t text and drive.

If you are pulled over for a traffic offense in Central Ohio give Hastie Law Offices a call at (614) 488-2800.  We offer cost-effective representation in defending your traffic case and protecting your right to drive.