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Driving Too Slow?

At Hastie Law Offices we often get asked this question: Can I be pulled over for driving too slow?

While speeding has been a long recorded crime, recently slow-speed violations have been piling up. Although the police claim there is no specific aim at slow-speed drivers, over 1,600 slow drivers have been cited since 2009. Many people drive artificially slower around the police in an attempt to not be noticed, but now cops are cracking down on the preventative practice. Different explanations have been made for the slow-speed violation increase, but the main cause is safety. A study from the 19060s showed driving too slow is just as dangerous as driving too fast. On the highways, over 200 tickets have been made for someone traveling under 10 mph.

Taxies appear to be the main violators. Taxies often must slow down to see potential customers, slowing down the traffic behind them. Also taxi drivers often stand still while negotiating a fare, causing annoyance for the police and other drivers. Taxis are easy to identify and are high in number in urban area, making them easy targets. Many taxi drivers complain it is the customers to blame, saying they will hail a taxi and never intend to get in, or require to be dropped off suddenly in the middle of streets rather than an easy to manage intersection nearby. Overall if the plan is to avoid being pulled over, driving at or around the speed limit is better than driving slow to avoid suspicion.  Attorney Alex Hastie has extensive experience representing all sorts traffic defendants, including slow-speed driving allegations. If you have a slow-speed violation call him immediately at (614)-940-5003.

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