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Can I be pulled over for _________?

We represent numerous OVI/DUI clients originally stopped for a variety of  “benign” reasons.  For example, in Ohio you can be stopped for not having a front license plate (O.R.C. 4503.21), for not having an illuminated rear license plate (O.R.C. Sec. 4513.05) or for not having two working headlights (O.R.C. 4513.14).

These are just two examples of the many reasons a person may be pulled over that relate merely to proper upkeep of a vehicle.  Many of our drunk driving clients were originally stopped for reasons such as these even without any indication of impaired driving.  If you are driving with a defective vehicle (especially late at night) you will be pulled over.  If you have consumed any alcohol you are likely to be accused of OVI.

Even the mere accusation of OVI will have serious lasting consequences and cost thousands of dollars to rebut.  Sometimes simple vehicle maintenance is enough to keep you from a stop that can lead to unintended consequences.  For advice on what to do if you are stopped by the police check out my recent post on the topic.

As always, if you are charged with OVI anywhere in central Ohio (Franklin, Licking, Delaware, and Union counties) contact us immediately at (614) 488-2800.